About us

Innovative people. Transformative solutions. Enhanced futures.

Our History

Saker Solutions was founded in 2003, by a group of people who led the field in Simulation. They understood its potential, and the role it would go on to play in fostering and implementing innovation in major industrial and commercial operations.

Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of what we do. Building a legacy in our field, by helping our clients to reap the increasing value of Simulation technology.

Today, we deliver Simulation solutions and services that allow organisations to plan, design and invest in major facilities and operational change, with confidence.

Now, as part of the ITI group, we also provide a gateway to the people who ensure that mission-critical facilities, projects and operations are protected and optimised through innovative safety, control and digital operations solutions.

As a group, we support clients at every stage of their journey. We’re invested in their potential, and support them to integrate innovation, transform their operations, and be fit for the future.

Our Approach

We provide consultation, build and run simulation models, and offer ongoing training and support services for a variety of simulation products - including Flexsim and Simul8.

We treat our colleagues and clients as our family. By collaborating with us, our clients across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors are able to identify challenges and mitigate risk early. Providing a platform to visualise viability, build best practice into their proposals, and a map a route to heightened safety, greater productivity and leaner operations.

Our work helps companies to plan powerful futures, inspire investors and build on innovation with confidence.

We supply, integrate, and educate. Our experienced people ensure that organisations select the right Simulation Software for their needs, and apply it to maximum benefit.

Our Values

Our core values underpin our approach, solutions and self-governance.


We have a responsive, 'can do' attitude


We work collaboratively and inclusively


We challenge the norm to make a difference


We act responsibly and with integrity


We strive to continuously exceed customer expectations

Safety & Security

We demand the highest levels of safety and security, for our people and our customers

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