Sellafield Test, Track and Trace Application

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sellafield implemented a Test, Track and Trace (TTT) programme to help keep employees safe.

A contact tracing team was assembled to update test result records, match these to employee details and then trace contacts of positive cases to send for their own test.

Saker Solutions worked with the Sellafield Advanced Business Analytics team (SABA) in the rapid development of an application to be used by the contact tracing team. The intuitive and responsive solution allows the TTT teams to focus on tracking the spread of the virus across the Sellafield site, and provides easy access to actionable data, ensuring continued safe and secure operation of the site throughout the pandemic.



Underpinning of Sellafield Limited’s successful Test, Track and Trace Programme

Underpinning of Sellafield Limited’s successful Test, Track and Trace Programme

Rapid and reliable application development using proven technology

Rapid and reliable application development using proven technology

Innovative, multi-threaded development process reduced implementation time

Innovative, multi-threaded development process reduced implementation time

Intuitive, multi-user data access

Intuitive, multi-user data access

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  • "The ability to respond quickly and produce a superb solution at the peak of the pandemic is a testament to the partnership between Sellafield and Saker Solutions."

    "The application dramatically speeds up the process of finding employee details and managing the lists of new positive test cases and isolations. It has provided our contact tracing team with an intuitive tool to perform this vital work, assuring the safety and security of our site and staff."

    Colin Gardiner, Head of Business Analytics - Sellafield Limited

Proven technology, rapid development

In order to facilitate rapid development and deployment of the solution, Saker utilised the Saker Application Framework already underpinning successful Saker-developed applications in use at Sellafield.

The architecture of this Application Framework allowed testing to be undertaken on the cloud, reducing the overall time required for testing and implementation.

It then provided Sellafield staff with an early view of the software and enabled client testing and familiarisation to be undertaken in parallel with Saker’s own testing and meant that the solution could be deployed quickly onto the Sellafield network once testing was complete.

Instant access to actionable information

The team enter data including test bookings and results, plus contact events between employees, and the tool automatically matches the data as well as calculates and logs the resultant employee isolation periods.

It then provides the contract tracing team with key information: which includes: the list of employees who need to be contacted, and their required isolation period; along with business unit and contact details.

The dashboard provides the contract tracing team with KPI information at a glance, including total positive test cases, current number of isolating staff and the number of employees booked in to be tested and awaiting results.

Reliable Reporting image

Reliable reporting

The application provides quick and easy access to a range of dynamic, configurable reports enabling users to review summaries of weekly tests, current numbers of employees in isolation, and contact event figures. It shows trends of positive test results and isolations over time, as well as analysis of contact ‘hot spots’ by business unit or location. The results are displayed graphically for ease of interpretation and communication, then detailed tables of data breakdown enable additional analysis.

The application also automates report generation necessary for external bodies including the NHS and Track and Trace UK, further streamlining the TTT workflow.


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