Distribution and Logistics

Overcoming operational challenges through Simulation

Our software and support services allow retailers, and large-scale distribution and logistics companies to simulate the complex facilities and operations they need, to meet the demands and opportunities of the future.

With our support, they can make operational decisions with greater confidence, when planning their operations to ensure they get the right products, in great condition, on time, to their customers - with a maximum ROI that will make them fit for the future.

Seizing opportunity, delivering results

The growth of e-commerce, and the evolution of retail has, and will continue, to bring fresh demand and opportunities, but also challenges, to the logistics and distribution companies stepping up to meet demand. Designing and running the operations needed to meet commercial and industrial needs requires investment in the millions, and with the scale of these operations, comes risk.

Our simulation solutions allow our customers to identify and overcome the challenges they face, when synchronising every facet of responsive e-commerce or logistics and distribution centres.

With our support, companies can investigate all aspects of their logistics process - including conveyors, sortation systems and carousels, as well as, automated storage/retrieval equipment and order picking strategies. This allows our client partners to accurately model materials handling facilities, testing equipment, and performance and operational strategies - in a zero-risk environment.

Simulation solutions stand to have a huge impact for the organisations who implement them. From influencing the running of a facility through to communicating an understanding of how a company actually operates, and delivers enormous potential to examine all aspects of process improvement. They can return significant savings in capital expenditure and lead to improvements in customer service or process efficiency.

Simulation projects open up the potential to explore a wide range of “what if” questions. This ability to be able to effectively predict the knock on effect of ANY change increases confidence, reduces risk, and helps secure genuine business improvement.

Seizing opportunity, with our Simulation Solutions