As manufacturing evolves to meet the demands of the future, we’re partnering with those who look to lead in their industry, providing them with simulation solutions that support their efforts to realise the potential of advanced manufacturing practices that integrate real-time data, automation and the work of their people.

With our help, they are exploring the viability of their ambitions to deliver better throughput with reduced downtime and waste reduction, all while enhancing safety and productivity.


Engineering a better way forward

We develop simulation models of proposed integrated systems, to support engineers in identifying potential bottlenecks in their manufacturing processes, and verifying that the proposed configurations deliver the required hourly throughput.

Our simulations allow an early exploration to identify pain-points in staffing, layout and the challenges of safely and swiftly equipping engineers on production lines.

As well as identifying potential bottlenecks on production lines, simulation helps design engineers to verify proposals to reconfigure manufacturing lines, and confirm proposed system control logic -as they seek to erase downtime, and maximise throughput.

Our solutions help visualise and validate these ambitions for change, showcase successful designs to all stakeholders, and confirm the capability of their investment with confidence.