Test and implement change, safely

The Simulation Solutions and Services delivered by our experienced people, help Nuclear facilities to test and integrate change in sensitive environments, with confidence.

Our support allows them to introduce innovative technologies and processes, and achieve enhanced safety and productivity – without risk.

Trusted teams, delivering vital vision

We deliver Simulation Solutions that enhance major Nuclear projects. 

Our models are graphically-rich, helping our clients to better comprehend their processes, and deliver enhanced vision to their decision-making.

Our people and services are capable of supporting Nuclear operators to test and integrate change and innovation, in areas where the margin for error, and the costs associated with disruption or failure are high.

Our work has already enabled our clients to:

Test the possible impacts of new plant designs and processes

Analyse the site-wide impact of equipment failure and critical incidents to determine potential backlogs and impact

Demonstrate the range of possible interactions between a wide variety of potential new equipment investment options

Test different waste retrieval strategies and identify the most efficient order for processes, while balancing safety and speed

Simulate and optimise the complex interactions involved in transporting loads around and between interlinked facilities

Plan and enable development of new facilities by evaluating processing capability and storage performance of new designs

Re-evaluate planned maintenance routines to negate delays, and maintain maximum productivity

Reduce paperwork and replace manual processes, through the development of responsive, bespoke applications

Security Modelling

The security of Nuclear facilities is paramount to national safety. Getting large volumes of authorised people and deliveries into and out of Nuclear facilities safely and securely requires planning. Our Security Modelling Solutions support Nuclear operators to find the most effective way to be vigilant and protected against the threat posed by potential trespass, or attack.

We support the design of security gates, evacuation planning, and help to ensure the physical security of critical sites.

We help our clients to source and run cost-effective and trustworthy software that allows them to rate the effectiveness of configurations in security set ups.

We aid clients to effectively analyse the security of their facilities, by using trusted simulation software to test the resilience of fencing and detection and response systems. This allows for the simulation and comparison of a range of attack scenarios from hostile forces attempting to gain entry.

The benefits and implementation of our security and evacuation modelling are applicable to almost any large industrial facility.