Digital Twins

The power to test real-world operations to the limit, perfect change, and understand the operational impact of new technology, facilities and processes.

Decisive action through understanding

Simulation Modelling helps organisations to visualise and understand proposed changes to facilities, processes and operations, enabling you to:

Develop a better understanding of your current operations. Identify what works and what does not, identifying what needs to change, and why.

Understand how new varieties of systems, technologies and teams will interact under new designs allowing you to envision how the component parts and complexities of your operation will perform when brought together in new ways.

Draw on your real-time operational data to build a live comparison, using your data to determine the best course of action.

Business Benefits (1)

What is a Digital Twin?

Our simulation experts create Models (often referred to as ‘Digital Twins’) of real-world operations, which enable ‘what if?’ scenarios to be tested. We have the capability and experience to create digital twins of major and complex facilities and operations. By integrating real data your digital twins can help improve your decision making.

We help our clients across multiple industries to replicate their current or proposed operations, forming a risk and disruption-free virtual environment where they are free to test changes to how they operate, and are able to visualise and understand the impact that changes bring to the function and performance of their business.

Digital Twin technology is being used to replicate operations and test the performance of numerous proposed working environments: from production, assembly and packing lines or mission-critical facilities in the energy sector, to staffing and customer footfall simulations in retail and commercial settings.

Impactful simulation services

We support industrial and commercial sector clients in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Logistics & Distribution, Food & Beverage production and Manufacturing - helping them to eradicate errors, build better ways to operate, and plot a path to greater productivity.



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