Training & Maintenance Services

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Seizing opportunity, empowered for excellence

The vast capabilities of Simulation Software and modelling provide huge opportunity to improve organisations, and implement change with maximum success and minimum risk.

The more knowledge your users have of the simulation tools and processes, the more possibilities you can realise.

If your teams are lacking in insight, you risk missing opportunities, and losing valuable advantages.

Adaptive support, effective delivery

We’ll help you make the most of simulation, and the opportunities to enact meaningful change within your organisation. As a minimum, we run regular sessions throughout the year, to give your people a strong working knowledge of the leading simulation packages and the skills required to use your software effectively.

We hold regular public sessions at our Alcester office, as well as private sessions in Alcester and Aberdeen. Or, if you have a team of up to six delegates, we can come to you. Plus, all of our training has been adapted to allow the courses to be delivered online via Microsoft Teams, if you prefer.

Transformative Training

In order to maximise the opportunity available and achieve the outcomes you desire, we can provide bespoke training courses for your teams, tailored to your specific operational needs

We'll bring vision to your decision and change making process, with a course that will support your ambitions and help your organisation lead in what it does.

With enhanced knowledge, acquired through context, your teams will be equipped with the skills they need to predict maximum ROI, and implement change with confidence.

Maintenance Services

Our annual maintenance subscription package delivers ongoing support to our customers, through:

  • Instant telephone support via our Helpdesk
  • Priority training packages tailored to your solution
  • Regular software updates for world-leading simulation tools, including FlexSim and Simul8.

Our Helpdesk delivers access to responsive technical support, modelling assistance and aftercare for any completed projects that were delivered with the support of Saker.

Maintenance Services

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